Here is my first Illustration Friday painting in a very long time. 

A raccoon wrapped up in the night

A raccoon wrapped up in the night

This week's topic was animal.

Painting this taught me that I had no idea what raccoons really looked like from memory, but I used a reference at the last second. 

Creative UNblock #11

I've wanted to follow along with the #CreativeUNblock monthly assignments since I discovered them on the Jealous Curator a few months ago, but this is the first one I've managed to do. 

For the month of November the assignment is:

“Use a cropping tool to find new compositions from an original piece. Enlarge this small portion of the original piece and create a new piece based on the enlarged composition.

I picked a painting that I had done a couple of days ago, that I do not like at all. I thought about 'finishing' it, but I think I am over that idea. Moving on.


And the crop:


Here are my results:

Still not in love, but it was fun nonetheless. This might inspire me to finally work through the whole book.


Welcome to my new website! I am going to be posting what I'm working on here in the coming days, weeks and months. Thanks for stopping by.